If you are new or recently started your journey in the Kubernetes world, you may at first fell a bit intimidated about the challenges ahead. You think you got the key ideas about container orchestration and that cloud computing is your way, but on your daily work you are remained that the “devil is in the details”. You think: “…there should be a tool for this, and a tool for that”. Soon to discover that tools don’t do all or exactly what you want, or you spread too thin across the functionality of different tools.

Take for instances two of…

The quest to find the right kind of PaaS — Platform as a Service —has for long been the holy-grail of cloud computing. We claim that achieving this goal is finally in reach, and now it’s not the time to let go.

Multiple generations of technology have passed by which, by half-ingenuity half-trial&error, have increasingly simplified the process of deploying and managing applications and services running in compute clusters — be it in a remote cloud or on-premises. Two of the most recent attempts to create a general purpose PaaS — Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes — have come very close…

Command-line tools (CLI) have a mystic of their own. While a fancy web UI tends to be the preferred experience for most end-users these days, the appeal of CLI tools to many die-hard developers and DevOps is well known. Most importantly, CLI tools enable scripting and automation in places where an interactive UI can not be used or stands in the way (e.g. auto-setup scripts, script generation by other tools, GitOps, and ad-hoc DevOps by typing). With proper built-in help, usage can be rather nice. And playing around with the command set makes learning the concepts&operations the tool+backend supports easy…

Deploying apps to the cloud has never been so easy. Now, you can build them in the cloud too. Kubernetes provides you the runtime needed to deploy your apps in a uniform way, between your local development-test environment, a on-premises cluster, and any cloud provider of your choosing. Tekton is an extension to Kubernetes to make it possible to setup CI/CD pipelines that run inside a Kubernetes cluster. Dealing with Tekton configuration can be a bit challenging though, but fortunately the tool Cloud Manager can make running builds in a cluster as simple as deploying an application.

Cloud Manager allows…

Kubernetes is the de-facto industry standard for deploying and managing container-based cloud native solutions, and microservice architectures.
Kubernetes provides a consistent approach to orchestrate applications and services running as containers clusters, providing features such as configuration of deployments, horizontal scaling, services exposure, and many other. It has an enthusiastic open-source community, rich ecosystem of extensions, and backing from all major cloud providers. Non-withstanding all the merits of Kubernetes, many professionals, newcomers and seasoned, have voiced some frustration with the steep learning-curve imposed by Kubernetes. …

Panic is in the air! The recent announcement that Kubernetes is deprecating support for Docker, has created some confusion in the community. Kubernetes and Docker leads, and community experts more broadly, where quick to clarify matters and reduce anxiety about what does it mean, and how and what it affects. We want to contribute to that clarification further, and add some reasons why Docker and Kubernetes continue to be good friends, and why additional tools like Cloud Manager can further enhance and extend that friendship.

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Docker, Kubernetes, and Cloud Manager — An Healthy Friendship

What’s Changing ?

Kubernetes as a container orchestration runtime is made of many different moving parts. The container…

The beautiful thing about technology and innovation is that it compounds. Things that used to be hard, resource intense, or unfeasible,
become simple, affordable, sometimes trivial to implement, when a new paradigm shift and technology wave comes along and matures.
So is the case with cloud computing and large-scale distributed systems.
Kubernetes runtime, tools like Cloud Manager, and the multitude of cloud providers, makes setting up a multi-cluster, multi-region, distributed
infrastructure no more painful to pull out than a morning exercise.

This is your morning exercise today: setup a multi-cluster CDN for serving static web resources — say, for your…

Jorge Simão

Director/CTO at EInnovator.

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